Our Mission:
ShuarHands, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improve the medical and educational infrastructure for populations in need in developing countries. Acting by and through their established governing systems, community leaders, ShuarHands, Inc. is committed to creating balanced partnerships and/or local non-profit partners, thereby creating a greater experience of independence and stability, while maintaining cultural and ecological sensitivity. ShuarHands, Inc. is a non-religious and non-political organization.


Our Goals:

  • Assist in the creation of medical missions for those who would not otherwise have access due to remote location or lack of funds.
  • Invite local and international physicians to participate in medical missions, teach basic and advanced first aid, and to provide other needed medical needs;
  • Assist in the furnishing and maintenance of medical clinics and school structures;
  • Assist in the purchase and provision of supplies for students and schools-in-need
  • Reduce malnutrition in children through education, supplemental food packets, and funding assistance programs

All photographs were taken in Ecuador, Guatemala and Lebanon by ShuarHands, Inc. officers.


Millions of families in the Middle East are displaced as a result of dangers. Many families need basic medical attention and food security. ShuarHands, Inc. supports and interacts with the non-profit organization, “Think of Others” in Northern Lebanon. The soup kitchen offers a daily meals and basic medical attention. See the “Events Page”

Our wellness clinics are open in the Western Highlands! We have a new Audiology Center, providing hearing exams and devices to children and adults living in extreme poverty. Our Policlínica provides affordable medical, dental, laboratory services and pharmaceutical products to families living in poverty. See “Events Page”.

Follow our “Greenhouse/Community Garden Projects” located in remote poverty-stricken villages in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Local farmers are also raising rabbits to enhance their dietary options. Local malnutrition and food scarcity for community members are reducing! Check our “Events Page”.


ShuarHands, Inc. is participating in a program with AmazonSmile Foundation. As you purchase items on, identify ShuarHands, Inc. and we will receive a small donation. Thank you for your support: